Successful applicants

The following charities were supported at the last Duke of Devonshire’s Charitable Trust meeting on Monday 3rd July 2017 and will be contacted directly by post:

Accessible Derbyshire
Beam Public Arts
Blythe House Hospice
Bumblebee Conservation Trust
Community Furniture Store (Ryedale) Limited
Derwent and Dove District Scout Council
Matthew Nelson Braithwaite Educational Trust
Red Squirrel Survival Trust
Royal Society for Blind Children
St Wilfred’s Parish Church
Twenty Twenty

If your organization has not been successful this time you will receive a confirmation by e-mail (or where no e-mail address is provided, by post) and you will be reminded that you should not apply again within a 12 month period.

At each meeting a large volume of applications are received. The Trust does not retain the paperwork for unsuccessful applications after the meetings and it is therefore not possible to comment in detail on individual cases.

The Trustees take a range of considerations into account, including such factors as previous grants, costs, available resources, sustainability of the project, and the viability of your fundraising plan. This list is not exhaustive and while the Trustees aim to support as many good projects and organisations as possible, it is unfortunately not possible to provide funding to all applicants.

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